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Welcome to our website.

Swan, the world’s leading manufacturer of garden hose and aeration tubing is proud to introduce Aero-Tube aeration tubing, the next major advance in water aeration.  Building on our extensive knowledge and expertise, we have developed Aero-Tube aeration tubing, a more affordable and durable aeration tube (Patent #5,811,164) and one of the most efficient products on the market. Aero-Tube™ products are designed, manufactured and patented specifically for oxygen transfer and aeration efficiency.  Aero-Tube™ continuous bubble aeration tubing delivers oxygen in volumes that are unmatched by other systems, and at an energy cost that is often less than half than that of conventional systems.  Aero-Tube™ Technology

The benefits of Aero-Tube™ technology include a major reduction in energy costs, significantly higher oxygen transfer rates per hour, higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, and an improved bottom line. To see exactly how Aero-Tube™ outperforms other aeration devices, click onto our Independent Aeration Test Results page.

Aero-Tube aeration tubing has been used successfully with a wide range of Aquaculture species and production systems.  Whether you are producing shrimp or fish, anywhere you are using traditional aeration systems to oxygenate your water, you can benefit from the efficiency and durability of an Aero-Tube™ system.  Aero-Tube™ technology has numerous applications including grow out ponds, raceways, recirculating systems, hatcheries, cage culture and live-haul trucks.  Aquaculture Aeration

In addition to aquaculture, Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing has multiple applications for all levels of wastewater management and treatment (municipal, commercial and industrial) including wastewater lagoon remediation, septic system aeration and agitation.  Aero-Tube in Wastewater

Swan®, established in 1927, is the leading manufacturer of garden hoses in North America. With factories throughout the USA, Swan manufacturers hoses under the Swan®, Waterworks®, Element®, Scotts® and Miracle-Gro® brands. Swan’s product can be found in nearly every retailer in North America and our products provide the best features, best quality and best performance of any garden hose.